Idleon Fields

This game is my first indie commercial title that is currently work in progress. The game is being developed in Unity 2020 and is planned to be released on Steam hopefully early 2022.

What Is The Game?

Idleon Fields is a 2D idle game where players must grow crops and keep animals to gain gold. In this game, help (known as collectors) in form of vegetables will help collect the crop they are associated with. The game will offer prestiges as well as other entertaining features that all idle games usually have.

I plan on creating a blog on the outcome of the release once the game goes live. This page will also be updated accordingly.

This game is being developed as part of a devlog series on YouTube. This means that I produce video updates where I showcase what is new for the game. Not only do I enjoy creating videos on the side but it also works as a form of advertisement for the game.

See the video playlist below for the devlog series I produce on YouTube.

All art credits goes to Mark Wolff.

Tools Used

  • Unity 2022
  • Visual Studio 2022
  • Aseprite


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